Family Photos 2014

We just had our family photos taken, by a family friend (and awesome photographer) Christa Elza and it has been so fun to see the kids through someone else’s lens (I take so many pictures of them for clothing posts, but the pictures are rarely OF them so much as the clothes.)

I just love the pictures, and if you are in need of a photographer (and are in South Korea, which I know some of my readers are 🙂 ) Christa is a great choice!


It’s really hard to get pictures of Paul, he always looks like a deer in headlights, so Christa did a great job!

Catherine edited for blog

I struggle with pictures of me, so no comment 🙂


Look how old my son looks?


Emmie is always so natural!

edited for size Isaac and Emmie

The height difference between them has been growing lately, he has just shot up.

edited Paul and Isaac

My boys 🙂


Emmie girl is wearing the dress I made her for my Project Run and Play guest post recently, she was the jumping off point for all the colors.


I keep teasing Paul that this is his creepy hair sniffer picture 🙂 My dress is from Anthropologie.


I’m not sure why, but people always call Emmie my mini me, I think she looks just like Paul!


Don’t you think? Emmie just loves this picture 🙂 she wants it blown up and put in her room.


Here’s my child that looks like me 🙂


Love this boy!



Thanks so much Christa, I know coordinating 4 people at once is a nightmare, (especially with a teen and a tween!) and you did such a good job!

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