I’m Assuaging My Guilt…

I’m just popping in today to assuage my guilt over not posting recently. I have no really good reason to be over here beyond that to be honest 🙂 I have been making a bunch of stuff, but because of my usual poor planning, I have no good pictures to share (my instagram is usually more reliable for pictures as I go)

paper wreath

I made a couple of paper wreathes, and some witch’s shoes based off of pinterest pins, the one wreath and the shoes are for an upcoming auction I am in charge of this next October, and I am trying to get a jump before the crazy gets started. I will try to photograph them properly soon and show them off here.

paper wreath 2

I also painted a cow painting randomly because my sister (Sweet Sarah) loves cows, and I was thinking of her…

cow painting

so yeah, kind of random.

I made a baby dress on Saturday morning, but didn’t photograph ANY of it, since the 1st birthday party I was making it for was also on Saturday, and as it was we showed up 20 minutes late just so I could get dressed after finishing sewing the dress.

Today I am working on a present for Charley Boy; I’m GOING to photograph it, so everyone keep me honest and insist I do.

As an aside, here are some pictures of some weaving I did a few of years ago, Ikat before it was cool,


I know I’m a trend setter 😉 ….. I’ve been missing weaving lately.


I love how magical weaving always seems, there’s nothing like starting with string, and ending up with fabric.


I think my reminiscing has been brought on by these curtains at Anthropologie,

anthropologie curtains

Man do they make me want to get some pom pom trim and have at it weaving something awesome….

So tell me, have I been missing anything awesome? Have you found something you just love, that I should know about? I have been so out of things I need help!

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