Thrifty Message Center Part 1 {pinspired}

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Today I am working on another project for the silent auction fundraiser I am in charge of this October for the Osan AB Spouses’ Club. This one started off as 3 thrift store frames,

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I realize there are 4 frames in this picture, the bottom one is for another project 🙂 I paid $5 at the base thrift store for the top 3 frames, and they all match each other. They were a little beaten up, but the wood was so nice and old looking, I loved them, so all I did with the frames was wipe a coat of stain over them, to fill all the scratches, and then put a coat of satin varnish over that. I am usually a big paint fan, but I know lovely vintage wood when I see it!

I decided to turn the 3 frames into a message center, and used the middle sized one for a clip frame, inspired by this pin on pinterest,


I began by taking the glass off, and then only using the back of the frame (which was nice and sturdy) I cut a piece of batting to the exact same size as the back, and a piece of drop cloth a couple of inches bigger.

photo 5 (2)

(gratuitous shot of my pedicure and flip flop tan) I made sure the drop cloth was well ironed, before stretching and hot gluing  it to the back, with the batting sandwiched in between.

photo 4 (4)

As you can see from the back, it’s not overly pretty, but it is flat and tight.

photo 3 (5)

Next I took some clothes pins that Isaac had (I have no idea why, he just bought a bag of clothes pins one day for “projects”) and I took the metal spring off them and stained them all a chestnut color.

photo 2 (9)

After letting the stain dry, I mod podged paper with pretty pictures on them on to the ends of the wood, and let them dry. After they were dry, I used a nail file, to sand away the excess paper, and then I did a top coat of the mod podge over the clothes pin paper edges.

photo 1 (9)

Finally I added some jute cord with hot glue, and then put the frame back together (and the clothes pins back together, which was a pain and took pliers and patience) The last step was to cover the whole back with paper, just so it looked finished and pretty, I don’t have a picture of that step yet, for now I only have a cell phone picture of the finished product, I will take better pictures when I have finished with the other 2 frames for the message center!

photo 2 (7)

What do you think so far? I am pretty excited and happy with frame #1, now I just need to finish the other 2!

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