Happy Birthday Katy! {and my Lille Dress}

I know I have been insanely quiet around here, so much has been going on, I just haven’t had time to post (and frankly my computer has pretty much not been unpacked in weeks.) We have left Korea, fit in a Hawaiian vacation as a stop over on our way to the US, and spending a couple weeks with family, before heading to Ohio (which we will do in a couple of days.) Most of our stuff still isn’t in the States as far as we know (so it’s on a boat somewhere) and we are currently, officially homeless, carless, and stuffless, except for that which is in our suitcases.

Paul had his major’s promotion too just before we left Korea, and that was huge to prepare for, and I still haven’t fully recovered. (I made the cake and decorations, I will share those in a separate post)

Does any of this mean I haven’t been sewing? No it doesn’t! I have managed to make a few things in all this chaos (the one was a Nacho Libre costume for baby Ezra just because I wanted to see him in it, and I thought it would be funny,) but the real project was to be lucky enough to try Kelly of Sewing in No Man’s Land’s new women’s pattern for her Sew What Club, as a pattern tester. The dress I made is called The Lille Dress, and I had such a fun time sewing it up (it was super fast, and super low stress to sew!)


Although I obviously made the dress as a pattern tester, I was also killing two birds with one stone (a must while in the middle of a move) AND asking this project to cover The Skirt Fixation team’s birthday surprise for Katy of No Big Dill! When Audrey asked me to participate in the surprise, I knew I would be at my mom’s house, and have access to a sewing machine, so I happily said yes to being part of the project to surprise Katy. Although I don’t know Katy in real life, I sort of feel like I do (I know we all get that way about people we follow on the internet) BUT I was raised in a family of 5 sisters and only 1 brother (and Katy has 5 girls and only 1 boy) and BOTH our least favorite colors is purple, so we’re practically the same person…….. or not 🙂 But I still have loved her online presence for years (and I LOVE how well made all her work is; Katy’s projects just ooze perfectionism!)

Anyway, Audrey has come up with the lovely idea to rainbowtize our little corners of the internet in Katy’s honor, and I felt like this dress was the perfect opportunity to do so! I decided to make the main body of the dress in Katy’s signature black and white, with only pops of rainbow, since that is generally what Katy herself does! (and it was a great chance to show off the fun pocket details in Kelly’s awesome pattern)


So Happy Birthday Katy! I hope all the projects in your honor make you smile today!!!

The fabric came from Hancock Fabrics, and just jumped out at me, as “the ones” when I was out shopping for this project. I was excited to find a print with all the colors of the rainbow (plus some) in my accent fabric, that also wasn’t too young a print. I made the lille dress up as the pattern suggests, with only adding my own spin through the piping detail at the waist (I feel like there are a million variation options with this dress, between being able to change the sleeves, the skirt, the waistband, the pockets, etc. the possibilities are quite endless!)

No lie, I look terrible in every photo for this dress, I am pretty sure my face has a conspiracy against me right now, I had a dumb expression in every photo….. I’m calling it Jet Lag.


I sewed my Lille dress up in a size 6, which was perfect for me according to the measurements Kelly includes with the pattern, and I found it to be very true to size. The length is awesome, the fit is awesome, and the dress is awesome 🙂 I even got asked where I got it when at dinner with friends tonight! (the lady said she thought it must be from Anthropologie!)


The heels lasted for about 2 seconds and only for these pictures (and I had to buy them for this dress so I looked less like a slob) I am a flip flop girl for a reason, seriously, I could barely walk in these shoes!


Anyway, Happy Birthday again Katy, I hope it is a LOVELY day and that you are spoiled rotten! And seriously everyone go look into the Sew What Club, I suspect you will LOVE the Lille Pattern!

Wish us luck on seeing the house we are renting on Monday, We’ve only seen a few photos, so we really have no idea except it’s near the good high school!

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