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Hello! I am Catherine, and I want to take a second to welcome you to my blog, (thank you for visiting!) and introduce you to myself and some of the most common names you will hear on the blog!

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Like I said, my name is Catherine, and I grew up living all over the world, but primarily in the western part of the US. My mother is from South Africa, and my father is from England, and I grew up in a spectacularly multicultural home that gave me a deep love of travel and regular change. (I talk about and visit my mother in AZ as often as possible, so she is a regular character here too, and can sometimes be talked into guest posting for me!) Throughout my youth, my amazing mom taught me (and some of my 5 siblings) how to sew, knit, scrapbook, crochet, embroider, etc. She basically collected craft supplies, and let us have at it, (which I only realized now as an adult, what a lot of work that made for her, as we experimented and made messes.)

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My Gramma is also always a part of the blog, even if I am not actively talking about her, she is my sewing idol. My personal loves outside of my family are sewing, (any and all sewing) any type of crafting, budget oriented home decorating, travel, knock offs of any variety (I love the challenge of recreating anything, for less money than a store.) weaving, textile surface design, art, and furniture refinishing. I am almost always all over the map with what I do, so be prepared for crafting whiplash! I have a strong perfectionist’s streak in my work, (but not in my home tidying,) and it sometimes gets me in trouble! My degree (that I graduated with in 2012, 13 years after I first started going to university!) is a BIS in Historical Craft and Costume Studies, with a minor in History. I learned to weave and do surface design on textiles as part of my degree, which is pretty stinking awesome to get to do at school.


When I was far too young to sensibly be making plans for the rest of my life, I managed to meet and marry my husband Paul; who is one of the smartest people I have ever met (and not just because he married me!) After we got married (he was 21 and I was 19) Paul and I decided to start a family, and embark on a career in the US Air Force at the same time; so Paul went off to basic training the same time I was 7 months pregnant with our son. Paul worked as an USAF medic, and went to school full time, and got a degree in mathematics within the first 5 years of us being married, and then he crossed over into the officer side of the USAF. We have lived in Texas, California, Utah, Washington DC, Virginia, and now South Korea through the military (Did I mention we live in South Korea!!!) I am a lucky stay at home mom, who has a supportive husband that pretty much lets me do what I want (in between moves.) We have been in Korea for 18 months, and have 18 months left in Korea; we don’t yet know where summer of 2015 will send us! Paul and I have been married now for 14 years, and we still stay up way too late talking every night!


Our son Isaac is 13 years old, and a little old man trapped in a little boy’s body. He humors me in all things, and still happily wears/treasures anything I make him. He loves anything science related, reading, LEGO, and he thinks about and feels everything deeply. He starts high school this fall, so I am waiting for his teenage years to start kicking in anytime now…..


Our daughter Emmie (really Emily) is 12 years old, although she is only 20.5 months younger than her brother. She is my little artist/bohemian spirit, and she happily follows me around the house all day. Emmie is my biggest inspiration when it comes to sewing clothes, she is a free spirit, that we want to dress in a unique, fun, free spirited way (within the constraints of practicality and modesty) and we have found that it is quite difficult to have everything we want in an outfit right off the rack for her. Emmie’s dream store is Anthropologie; she is just a little too small, and I am a little too poor, to actually let her shop there! Emmie asked me for her own page on my blog, so if you want to check out what she gets up to, please go look there and leave her a nice comment!

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The last people that make FREQUENT appearances on my blog are my sister Sarah (I call her Sweet Sarah, or Sarah Bear) and she and her husband Scott are our regular travel companions, and visitors, along with us visiting them a lot. Sarah and I are practically the same person, personality wise, even though I am almost 10 years older, (we also have the exact same terrible laugh) and Paul and Scott get on like a house on fire (what more could you ask of in-laws?) I sometimes show Sarah’s or Sarah and my joint projects here on the blog (I keep trying to talk her into guest posting for me regularly!) They have just produced a sweet baby boy named Charley, who is the most precious little porker pie ever, and I gush over him here often.


I am sure my “about me” will evolve as our lives change, but for now this pretty much covers it.

I would love to hear from you, and I would love it if we became great internet friends, so please come back and comment regularly!!!

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